Welcome to the Virtual Home of Southern Star Miniature American
Shepherds located in NE TX.  Southern Star
is a however  a Hobby
Breeder not a kennel  and we give individual care to all or our pets.  The
parent club MASCUSA sought AKC recognition several years ago but in
order to do so the dog fancy had to agree to change the breed name from
Mini Aussie to something else.  After a club vote, Miniature American
Shepherds was selected.  On July 1, 2015 the Mini American Shepherds
became fully recognized with AKC and can now participate in a variety of
dog events.
Some breeders chose not to register with AKC and have maintained the
name of Mini Aussies, but at this time Mini Aussie and Mini American are
the same dog.  So,
whether you are looking for a Miniature Australian Shepherd / Mini Aussie,
Toy Australian Shepherd / Toy Aussie, or a Miniature American Shepherd
we might have just what you are looking for so give us a call.
Here at the Southern Star we strive to raise pups that are exceptional
examples of the breed by focusing on  breed type, structural correctness,
and sound  temperaments.  We do a lot of genetic testing on our breeding
dogs to enable us to make the best breeding decisions.   I have pups that
have gone on to compete in conformation, agility, herding, disc dog, and
companion events.  
Although all our dogs do not live in the house they do come for a visit and
we consider them family members.  They have nice living quarters with
better climate control than I have in the main house.  
Take a tour through our website; view our dogs, facilities, read how we
raise our pups, and check out the links page for additional sites and
Don't forget to look in the General Store to see what  Food, Treats, and
other Products we use and Recommend.
Thanks for Stopping By
Congrats to Michelle & Oreo at MC Ranch
Southern Star Oreo FMCh
Flyball Master Champion (15000 points)
Still running at 10 1/2 yrs old
Also Congrats go out to Rob & Gail Hovious of NM
Southern Star Franny, AXP, MJP, NFP
Excellent Agility Jumper Preferred / Agility Excellent Preferred
Big High Five out to Jackie & Brady in TX and thier little girl
Southern Star Georgia
Certified Therapy Dog
Way to go Bill & Dianne of TX on thier accomplishments with
Southern Star Blue Skye
Certified Therapy Dog and Disc Dog in Progress also a READ dog
Southern Star Off My Rocker, MX, MXJ, MJB  "Rokken"
is Rockin with Owner/Trainer Dana Pike of IL
the "Pet Rock" has started earning Agility Titles
and I'm having a hard time keeping up with her :)
Most Recently Master Jumpers Bronze  
MACH Southern Star Holly Hi-Socks, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJS, MXF, T2B SCN SIN SBN  
Holly is enjoying her Agility career with owner/trainer Lana Neukirch
in TX and has earned her Master Agility Champion title.  Holly is also now
excelling in Nosework receiving several Scent titles  
We wish Lana continued success with Holly:)
Stefanie & Ruby are an active team, Ruby has her CD in Obedience
and has also earned her Rally Advanced Excellent Title
AKC - Major pointed in Conformation