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to see more pictures
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Born:  Oct 17, 2010

Kato aka Bleu is now Retired from
Breeding, and looking for a wonderful forever
family for him.
He has been neutered

I placed Kato with a family a couple months ago, and
although they love him he is having a hard time getting
along with the cats there.  The family has multiple
dogs as well and all is good there with the exception
of one young pup which is a livestock guardian dog so
not a "little" dog.  
He is a friendly boy that loves people.
With me he was strictly and outside dog, but to my
surprise he has transitioned to being a house
dog very well
He is such an easy boy to mess with, loves attention.  I
would like to see him go to a family where he can be
the only dog and absolutely no cats.   Since he enjoys
his people, he is not a wanderer and his recall is
pretty good.  
He has alot of coat which makes him look larger than
he is, but could stand to lose a couple pounds.

A good home is a must!
He is still with the family I placed him with so
located in NE Texas.
If interested let me know and I will put you in
touch with them.

15.5"  32 pounds (28-29# would be ideal)
He likes to eat

He is Microchipped, Current on his Rabies Vaccination
Tested negative for Heartworms in August and
is on Preventative
to see more pictures
and info
Bleu is staying with
his current family.  
he become
Available, I will post
something back here
Jan 10, 2013

Chili is a Red Tri Male that is still Intact.  

I have not seen Chili since he left here at 8 weeks of
age and he is still with his current family.    I am told
that he is a really smart, sweet boy that
gets along with their other dog and does
not have a problem with cats.  He has
had limited experience with children but no
problems are expected.  He does have moderate
herding instinct so could trip up toddlers as he
tries to put them or keep them in place.

Chili's biggest problem, and the reason he is needing
to find another home is that his herding instinct
tells him to go after the chickens  which has not
been good for the chickens and keeps Chili in trouble.
So, he must go to a home that does not have poultry,

A family where he can be a companion and gets to
spend alot of time with his human would be best.

A good home is a must!
Guessing he is between 30-35 pounds.  
I am not sure what his vaccination status is.
Small Rehome Fee applies and most
likely will come back here for evaluation and to be
neutered before going to his new
Please let me Know
If Interested