Southern Star
Puppy Application
This application is not meant to be intrusive, it is simply to gather some general information
from you and learn a little more about the type of puppy that might be the best fit for your
family.  I like to make confident decisions when placing my pups where the owners as well as
the pups are happy (one does not happen without the other).  Shelters are full of unwanted
animals and I look for those individuals willing to give my pups a loving, forever home.  These
lil dogs are a great breed, but you need to make an informed choice because they are
not for
everyone.  With that said, feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all.  
Do You have a Timeframe for Purchasing and Aussie?
Are you familiar with Aussies or have you ever been owned by one?
(If not, let me know I can refer you to some sources to read up on to make sure this is the breed for you, they are not for everyone)
Do you have a fenced yard or another safe place for your puppy to play and to get
plenty of exercise?  Please describe.....
How many hours a day will your puppy be left alone?
Where will your new puppy be kept when you have to be away from home?
Do you have any other pets?  If so, Type and Breed
Do you have children in your household?  If so, ages
Are you wanting a puppy for:
Pet / Companion (requires spay/neuter contract) and on Limited Registration
Breeding (Full Registration)
Performance Competition (typically spay/neuter)
Preferred Sex of the Puppy
Desired Color - 1st Choice
Desired Color - 2nd Choice if you have one
Black Tri
Black Tri
Red Tri
Red Tri
Blue Merle
Blue Merle
Red Merle
Red Merle
Size that best fits your family
Under 14" and 15 lbs (Toy Aussies)
14" - 15" top of shoulder  (16-25 lbs)
15" - 18" top of shoulder (25-35 lbs)
How did you hear about Southern Star Mini Aussies / Mini American Shepherds?
Add any additional comments you wish to make.
Thank You for your interest in a Southern Star Mini Aussie / Mini American Shepherd
You may also review our Purchase Contract on our site.